CEcD Profile: Randall Malik

Randall Malik, CEcD

Assistant Director of Economic Development

Cedar Park, Texas


Past Community: City of Rosenberg, Texas, Cuero Development Corporation

CEcD Coursework: IEDC

CEcD Since: December 2016

Time to CEcD: 7 years

What most surprised you about the certification process:

Just how comprehensive the exam process is. You truly have to have a broad understanding of the IEDC materials and the coursework to be able to pass the exam. I’m certainly surprised at how challenging it was. Everyone says it’s a hard exam, you can see from the past rates that it’s difficult, but once you experience it you realize just how difficult of a process it can be.

If you could choose one thing, what is your most successful economic development tactic?

I think in this industry just relationship building is so important and that’s something I’ve really put a lot of effort into from the site selector brokerage community down to your local and regional allies, it’s been a real priority for me to develop and nurture those relationships. We always hear that economic development is truly a team sport and that’s absolutely the case and you need the expertise of your ED allies in order to accomplish the projects that you’re working on. So developing and cultivating relationships is something I really strive hard to achieve.


It’s a difficult process, but really through immersing yourself in the IEDC material you’ll become a better economic development practitioner, learn economic development trends and tips that will serve your economic development organization well. And also it’s not just helpful theoretical knowledge, it actually can be used on a day-to-day aspect in how you run your economic development organization, so it’s been helpful for me and I think it will be … It’s a good process for anyone to go through.

Reach out to colleagues who have just gone through that process or that you know are going to go through that process and share notes and study together. It’s a difficult process to do on your own. Having some allies that can help you out and that you can study with is certainly what helped get me through that process and I think could be helpful for everyone. And engaging those folks, again, who have just received their certification – they can provide helpful advice on studying tactics and just getting you prepared to go through what is a very difficult process.

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