Keeping that CEcD Motivation

Pursuing your Economic Development Certification is quite a long and exciting journey. One of the many challenging aspects of the process to achieve this designation is that you are not actively preparing for the exam. You take the preparation classes and study in your own time. While some economic developers are able to take all of the classes within a year, most find themselves having months in between classes. Pair this staggering schedule with the intimidation of a rigorous exam looming in your future, and many economic developers will find themselves losing the passion and excitement for this journey. So how do you keep enthusiasm during these dormant months?

  1. Look at the IEDC or OU class schedules and make a timeline. IEDC recently posted their 2018 class schedule on their website. Looking at when and where the classes will be held and also reading the class agenda will help ignite interest and give you something to look forward to.
  2. Reach out to Certified Economic Developers and discuss their experience. Learning what classes they’ve taken, how they prepared for the exam, and what they thought of the exam will give you something to relate to. You can even ask them how they overcame the times when they had a loss of excitement for the program. Another question that I love asking Certified Economic Developers is how they use the certification in their career now. Hearing how they actively use their certification will give you something to look forward to and an stronger desire to achieve your own certification.
  3. Listen to the 123 CEcD Podcast. Don’t know any Certified Economic Developers? Just feel uncomfortable asking about their experience with the exam? The 123 CEcD Podcast is for you! Every month, I interview a different economic developer who has passed the certification exam. I ask them questions about how they studied, what most surprised them about the exam, and more. The guests on the podcast give advice to those preparing for the exam, as well as people debating whether or not to pursue their own certification. You can find the podcast on our website, SoundCloud, and iTunes.
  4. Be a guest blogger for 123 CEcD. Need to reignite the passion and excitement for the class that you took a few months ago? Please consider writing a guest blog for our 123 CEcD blog. No, you do not need to be certified to write a blog! We are always looking for people to write about their experience taking a class, preparing for the exam, or really anything CEcD! Please let me know in advance if this is something that you would be interested in.

I hope one (or more) of these ideas will help you stay motivated on your journey to your Economic Development Certification! I’m rooting for you!!